Online Accessibility


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Online Forms

The Clay Studio of Missoulaís website does not contain internal "online forms." All available forms must be downloaded, printed and completed by hand, or processed through an external site. Online purchases or call-for-entry on must be performed off-site and the guest is required to use the functionality as given by or The Clay Studio of Missoula has no control or effect on the functionality of any website, including, but not limited to the aforementioned websites, outside of

Occasionally, we provide downloadable forms (such as for intern applications) that are available in both pdf and doc formats. These forms can be downloaded, printed, completed and submitted in person, by mail, or by email. Please follow the submission directions provided on the form.


Feedback and Suggestions

We are constantly trying to improve access to our facilities and programming in every way possible!

If you have feedback or would like to make suggestions for improvement, please email us:

Accessibility at the Studio

Access Questions

The Clay Studio of Missoula is committed to providing access and assistance to those with disabilities. Sometimes, due to the nature of the ceramics processes and our offsite activities, accessibility issues are not in our full control. Please call our office at 406-543-0509 to ask questions or get information regarding accessibility. Both Jazmine Raymond (Outreach Coordinator) or Shalene Valenzuela (Executive Director) can assist with any accessibility concerns. Office hours are M-F, 10am-5pm.


Parking and Building Access

We have one clearly marked designated handicap parking space next to our main front entrance. The rest of our on-site parking immediately in front of our building is at ground level, and street parking is available and accessible. Our classroom, galleries and studio areas are located at ground level and wheelchair accessible. Our offices are located upstairs. Unfortunately, we do not have elevator access to the second floor but are able to assist visitors who cannot come upstairs with all our services.

We have wheelchair accessible bathrooms in both our Studio Artist and Classroom areas on our ground level with companion seating. We are able to provide additional seating during special events onsite. We are planning a renovation in our 2016 gallery expansion that will provide a designated seating area in our gallery space. Currently chairs cannot block this area as it is too narrow and it is a critical fire exit route that cannot be blocked.


Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair Seating

Work areas are available to accomodate wheelchairs and rearranged for people with a variety of physical needs. For special lectures onsite, please call ahead to reserve the wheelchair spots, as we can make sure our lectures are set up ahead of time to reserve the appropriate amount of space needed. We ask that wheelchairs not occupy the space in the front of any exiting door as this is a critical fire exit route and cannot be blocked.


Large Print Programs

Large Print

We offer Large Print Programs for our classes, exhibits and other programming on a quarterly basis. Visit our online link for a printable version of this document -

A printed copy can also be requested from our office (406-543-0509)